Chemical Free Bush Regeneration

Chem Free Regen is a website is to encourage, persuade and cajole people into involving themselves with chemical free bush regeneration practices. Or in other words getting manually involved with removing misplaced plants while observing and teaching yourself how natural forest regeneration occurs. Common sense surely would dictate that when a chemical kills one life form it is going to kill many others that perhaps the human eye cannot see. If you look at soil closely in a non-poisoned garden you will begin to see a whole new universe of living creatures. That in itself makes all the hard labour worth it.

The Unseen Effects From Herbicide Use

If you use herbicides have you ever considered the insects it kills which the birds need to eat to survive? What about the butterflies which grow out of the caterpillars that herbicides are killing? And what about the bees that are essential for pollination? We also need to consider about what it is doing to humans via our water tables and also to our lungs as sprayed herbicide drift can drift a long way.

Our Future

If we keep relying on chemicals to do what a few manual human workers can do, we are risking an awful lot in the future. I hope by sharing this record of the chemical free bush regeneration I have carried out on the property I am guardian of until I die, I will inspire others to enjoy and work towards a cleaner, healthier and carbon absorbing environment where the fauna and flora have an absolute chance of reaching their full life cycle potential.